SONS Goals

The goals of the SONS initiative are as follows:

  • Convene a Response Team to design and implement a comprehensive school violence prevention strategy.

  • Produce a crisis response plan, developed using the SONS multidisciplinary approach, to guide school officials in proper preparation and response actions.

  • Address incidents and threats through response classifications involving varying degrees of consultation, readiness, and intervention.

  • Ensure communication, coordination and interactions between police, fire, and school personnel in a manner which recognizes and respects the mission of each agency.

  • Develop floor plans and critical building-specific information in accordance with State and local laws for each school facility and provide these plans to police, fire, and school officials, and deliver in multiple formats, hardcopy (booklet), electronic PDF (computer disk) and the recommended web-enabled FloorView (software), which is a browser-based suite of services..

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